Great record-breakers in global music

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Asian network live on Saturday, February 25, which means that some of the biggest stars of the world music come to the UK to join its Asian British counterparts. Last year, the event hosted Indian singer Kanika Kapoor and Badshah and divine rappers, among many others. Badshah again in 2017 in a bill that also includes Naughty Boy, film composer Anirudh Tamil, Punjabi singer-songwriter Jasmine Sandlas, Canadian rapper Fateh and Arjun Kanungo, composer and producer of Mumbai.
1. Most recorded in the history of music artists – Asha Bhosle
India is the most read country and is also the nation’s most prolific film, ahead of Nigeria in second place. But what about music? Forget Paul McCartney, Wiley or Johnny Cash – all of whom have recorded hundreds of songs – if you want to discover the most productive musicians of all time, it is necessary to determine the song’s playback (professional pre-recording vocal songs for A use in the cinema) to the cinema in South Asia, in particular two sisters Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. In 1974, the Guinness Book of Records was the elder sister Mangeshkar (now 87) and recording most of the songs in the story – a staggering 25,000. The figure was contested and removed the case until 2011 when it was credited to Bhosle to record up to 11,000 single songs, duo and chorus backed in more than 20 Indian languages ​​since 1947. It is no wonder Cornershop paid tribute To Bhosle with his rightly titled Brimful of Asha, Norman cook remix that went to No. 1 in 1997.
2. The world’s largest pop group – AKB48
Now, Japan, and a group of idols or kawaii (cute) that is always morphing and recording multiple shattering. In 2010, when AKB48 were recognized as the largest pop group in the world they had 48 members, as the name suggests. This number has increased dramatically since more than 130 today, split among several “teams” and that does not count the many former members listed in Wikipedia who have “graduated”. Having so many members means more opportunities to earn money and AKB48 has another world record for the “highest number of TV entries of the same product in 24 hours”, which got in February 2012 after 90 members are Appeared in 90 different trades issued three regions of Japan. They are also a simple vending machine, topping the annual list in Japan every year since 2010 and are now the group of the most successful bachelors in the history of Japanese music. But they have the best Japanese album sale. Singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada made by First Love, which has sold 12 million copies since its release in 1999, even before some members of AKB48 born.
3. The most watched Spanish song on YouTube – Enrique Iglesias Bailando
Regarding video clips on YouTube, the big figure is one billion. Famous, it was the video of a South Korean song – Gangnam Style of Psy – who crossed the course and now there are almost 50 others who joined the club, including four from Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift three . The first Spanish song / video that reached billions was Bailando by Enrique Iglesias in 2014, with Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona. At the time of writing, it is the most watched YouTube video of all time, ahead of Adele Bonjour.

4. The greatest success of the singer bhangra – Malkit Singh
Malkit Singh, who was born in India and moved to Birmingham in 1984. Famous for songs like Tootak Tootak Gur Nalo Ishq Tootiyan and Mita, as well as popular music from Punjabi music in England. Chal Hun and Jind Mahi, which were featured on the soundtrack of Bend It Like Beckham, is not only the artist’s bhangra engraving, but also his solo artist with sales of 5 million records. Tootak Tootak Tootiyan, written by Veer Rahimpuri, is also the best-selling bhangra song of all time. Nothing surprising, then, that Singh became the first Punjabi singer to be honored with an MBE. But if we’re talking about groups, the issues are shared. Bhujhangy Group, also from Birmingham, bhangra band is the world’s longest (formed in 1967); Alaap, led by Channi Singh, are the most prolific.
5. Coldest concert – Charlie Simpson in Oymyakon, Russia
Most of the files were broken here by accident, but it was not. In 2012, Busted and Fightstar man Charlie Simpson traveled for four days with a small team to reach the “cold pole” – Oymyakon in Siberia – which is supposed to be the coldest place on the planet inhabited permanently. I wanted to set the record for the coldest concert in history and he did it, playing for 15 minutes at -30 degrees Celsius temperatures to a crazy group looking crazy. Simpson told Guinness World Records: “It was very cold and playing the guitar with gloves was not an opción.Teníamos put handwarmers in my sleeves before performance to keep my blood warm and keep my fingers frozen.”
6. No. 1 in Germany – Herbert Grönemeyer
A look at the list of best album sales in Germany reveals, for the most part, love for British and American pop, with one notable exception. Sitting nicely No. 1 and No. 3 are two albums by Herbert Grönemeyer, who remembered cinephiles as playing war correspondent Lieutenant Werner in 1982 the epic Das Boot. Grönemeyer took pieces from Das Boot’s action, but focuses mainly on music. His album 1984 4630 Bochum made him a superstar in Germany, but it is 2002 album Mensch top of the list of all time selling albums in their home country with over 3 million sales (21 x gold) . As he said Jools Holland, especially, he has lived in the UK for many years, has released music in English but is still relatively unknown outside of Germany.
7. Middle East best-selling artist of all time – Amr Diab
The English version of Nour El Ain, song Amr Diab in 1996, was a great success beyond its native Egypt (it became a crossbreeding success in South Asia, parts of South America, South Africa And in France) and apparently overnight, bigger But Diab Star, now 55, launched about 12 official (and much unofficial) albums before Nour El Ain, creating a new pop sound called Mediterranean Music – essentially A mixture of Western and Egyptian rhythms. The success of Nour El Ain (the single and the album came) Diab landed with the first of four World Music Awards for Best-selling Artist of the Middle East. He won three World Music Awards, bringing his record to seven to a record for an artist from the Middle East. Now he has released 28 official albums.

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