Performance as a expression of music

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Performance is the physical expression of music, which occurs when a song or when a piece of piano, electric guitar melody, symphony, drums or other musical part is played by singing musicians. In classical music, a musical work is written in musical notation of a composer, and then performed once the composer is satisfied with its structure and instrumentation. However, as it is done, the interpretation of a song or piece can evolve and change. In classical music, instrumental artists, singers or conductors can gradually make changes in the phrasing or tempo of a piece. In popular and traditional music, artists have much more freedom to make changes in the form of a song or piece. As such, in popular music styles, even if a band plays a cover song, they can make changes in it, such as adding a guitar solo or inserting an intro.

A show can be planned and repeated (practiced), which is the norm in classical music with jazz big bands and many styles of improvised music popularly or on a chord progression (a sequence of chords), which is the Standard in a small jazz and blues. Orchestral rehearsals, concerts and choirs are conducted by a conductor. Rock, blues and jazz are usually run by the leader of the band. An essay is a structured repetition in a song or a piece of performers until it can be sung and / or reproduced correctly and, if a song or piece for more than one musician, until The parts are together from a rhythmic and tuning point of view. Improvisation is the creation of an idea – a musical melody or other Musical line – created in situ, often based on pre-existing scales or melodic riffs.

Many cultures have strong traditions of solo performance (in which a singer or performer performs), as in classical Indian music and western musical tradition of art. Other cultures, such as Bali, include strong traditions of group performance. All cultures include a mix of both, and performances can range from improvised solo play to highly planned and organized the modern classical concert, religious processions, classical music concert festivals or music contests. Chamber music, which is music for a small ensemble with only a few of each type of instrument, is often considered more intimate than great symphonic works.

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