Water Rower Review

Natural WaterRower rower is a rowing machine and water for domestic use. It is made of ash wood from sustainable sources and the dyeing of a hot honey oak for uniform color.

Natural Rowing, you will feel like you are rowing a boat! WaterRower rollers have patented WaterFlywheel, and water resistance is the best way to simulate the physical experience of rowing boats.

The S4 Monitor provides guidance and training guidance and feedback. Features such as interval training and heart frequency monitoring are shown below in our “positive” list. In addition, the S4 can connect to a PC for integration with third-party software.

This rower is part of the natural series of WaterRower. The only other machine in this series is the WaterRower Club rower. It’s a very similar machine, but it’s finished to satisfy the heaviest gymnasiums and physical therapy clinics required, click here to view.

Resistance: The WaterRower racer uses natural water resistance to reproduce the feeling of a rowing boat. Traction consists of two blades in a water tank. You can not get more realistic than that! Most other brands use air resistance systems, mechanical friction and magnetism based.
Low impact but powerful: Natural WaterRower has proven to work for 84% of muscle mass! You can help tone and strengthen your muscles while burning calories more efficiently than most aerobic machines. Exercise is also of low impact; It alleviates body weight on the ankles, knees and hips.
Details: This boating home machine gives a good amount of feedback. S4 the backlit monitor comes with useful features and can be connected to a PC for integration with other software. Kcal sample per hour, meters per second, miles per hour, and 500 meters long for two kilometers. A record of the total distance in the machine is maintained and provides accurate watt reading when the volume of water is introduced into the tank. With an optional wireless accessory, the monitor can also display the heart rate.
Training Programs: Natural WaterRower has six predefined exercises and facilitates the configuration of a system based on the distance or duration required. This interior blade also has a feature interval training; You can program up to nine times separated by rest intervals. At the end of each session you will get training like statistics on the number of blows and calories burned. The monitor memorizes the nine previous sessions for quick start-ups – and once again, you can integrate third-party programming applications for advanced monitoring and analysis.
Advanced Heart Rate Analysis: The Natural WaterRower can work with a wireless transmitter and receiver (not included) to provide the following readings: maximum heart rate reached, time elapsing above the desired heart rate, time elapsed in Target zone and the time spent under the desired area. A “characteristic” alarm system helps you stay within the heart rate zone.
Eco-Minded: Built in wood and sustainable water resources, the machine has a relatively lightweight carbon footprint.
Hardwood: The natural WaterRower is handmade in ashwood. Wood comes from Appalachia, and for each cut tree, 2.2 are planted. Ash is stained with honey oak and hand-finished with Danish oil for a deep luster. Wood for this machine has been specially chosen for its ability to absorb vibrations, allowing a smooth and smooth ride.
Long life: Natural Row WaterRower machine is designed to support. First, its ash is a quality wood with good longevity and dimensional stability. Secondly, the water resistance system means parts subject to wear.
Easy to store: The frame of this rower moves vertically for easy storage.
Very High Capacity: Natural WaterRower has a maximum weight capacity of 1000 lbs.
Good Warranty: This product automatically performs a one-year warranty for the chassis and components. WaterRower upgrades to five years under three years in components if the owner submits a registration form.
Larger size: WaterRower Natural Wanderer measures 84 “in length for 21” in width. You may prefer a more compact rower